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JR Rivas (00:00): All right. So we're here with Krista, Krista. Thank you so much for joining us here in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado for our first annual instant leverage retreat. So tell everybody where you're from and what niche you work in. Christa (00:14): Thank you for having me too, by the way. I'm currently in Los Angeles and have an agency specializing in the solar industry. JR Rivas (00:23): Awesome. And why, why did you pick that niche specifically? Christa (00:29): It's kind of been a bit of a long journey. I started out trying to take on just anybody that would pay me. Took a course in the past, right. Took a course in the past and learned like 40 different potential industries. And the goal was to pick one and then like go with it. But I didn't really know which one to pick what to do. So I just would take on anyone and everyone who could pay me. And then I think I had like 10, I had like my first 10 grand a month. And I was so like stressed out, overwhelmed at a gym client, a personal injury client, like all these different things, trying to like be an expert in each industry and talk to these people. And it just was driving me nuts. So I pretty much has like halted everything. Christa (01:17): And I don't remember specifically, like I was hearing about solar and then around that time I went out to Southern California and built a tiny home and then put solar on it and just like really liked the sustainability stuff. Like you can't vegan and all this stuff. And I was like, this is really cool. Like the end user being able to help the homeowner, being able to do something positive for the environment. And then I'm really big on like being ethical, being honest is probably why I'm not a billionaire right now. I'm too honest and like too nice. And I don't charge too much or something, but like the solar thing, I was like, if I'm going to make money online, I don't want to trick people or scam people or do something. Like, I want something at the end of the day that feels like good. And it just made sense that he sold it. JR Rivas (02:06): Yeah. So you were making what I call like the ultimate rookie sin, which is like trying to be everything for everybody. And the way I frame it is like, sometimes you kind of have to take one step back to take like 10 steps forward because in the beginning it's kind of, it kind of creates a trap because in the beginning you need money. So you take on a client and then he's like, well, my cousin owns an ice cream shop and can you help them? And you're like, Oh, it wasn't the ice cream shop done Christa (02:34): In the beginning. I tried to like the very first cause the course I took, I was a broke Uber driver for one. So I'm like, I need to make money. I'll take on anything. And like the first, first, first client was a guy who was a graphic design. Artists had nothing to do with any of the niches or industries that like, in my course, I just like posted in Facebook, Hey, I could help run your ads. So like free trial or something. And this was like, I'm a graphic design artist. And I was like, what the heck does graphic design artists even sell? Like what would that ad even be? So I try to set something up and then his image was like, he drew a Nike shoe with the Nike emblem. And I think that we got flagged. Like we couldn't even run the ad. Christa (03:17): And so it was just like, I'm good. I have to say no. And then the next lady, she was trying to start some kind of life coach business. And like, she was a mess. It was a whole mess. Like I charged her a hundred dollars to like end up running her Facebook business page, like nothing to do with what I took the course. So what I was even trying to do, like I'm just trying to make money. So that's where I was like, yeah, I don't know if it'd be like a rookie sin per se, because I had zero in like industry knowledge. So I think I had to do those things to learn and then get to where I met. Kind of like, if someone didn't tell me multiple people told me from day one, like pick a niche, get good at it. But like, it wasn't until I picked all the wrong, wrong niches and tried everything else that I was like, Oh, now this makes sense. Cool. Like I don't learn. I learned from my lessons and my mistakes. Not so much like everyone else's. So that's where I'm learning. Now. They pay in a mentor actually doing things. Like if you tell me to do something, I'm still probably going to not do that at first. But my like time gap of like, I tried this for a date, it doesn't work. I'm gonna listen to you now compared to I tried it for a year and it doesn't work. I'm gonna listen to you now. JR Rivas (04:34): So what was your experience working with us? Because you haven't been working with us too long. But you did get your virtual assistant from us. So what's been your experience working with your virtual assistant, that instant library placed for you? Christa (04:49): I, well, I kind of want to back up a second until like how, I guess I came across to you and how, like, why I wanted an assistant because I have been I've on and off been building an agency for like two years, two and a half years. And like, I'll get some clients, but I'm this glorified freelancer. I don't have freedom. I can't go take a vacation, like every part of my business. And what did it for me was one of the guys in the program, Johnny he's in another program that I'm in. So we're like friends from that group and I've been following him and watching him and like he started exploding and in the other group. So I just follow on Facebook and he posted something one day like, Oh, just close this deal, just close this deal, just close this deal, like making this much money, doing this thing, doing this. Christa (05:38): And I'm like, cool, we're going to see where he goes with this. Cause I know like pretty soon he's going to feel overwhelmed and stressed. And like, I wonder if he's going to like keep making it. And then he sure enough, like did exactly what I did, like made all this money and then went off to Vegas and I'm like, okay, I'm going to see when you get back. If you're still making and you still posting about stuff or if you like fade out, like I did for a while and then he gets back and he's like, just close this sale, just did this thing. Love my assistant love that my business is running on autopilot. And I was like, what? Like, I've been at this for two years. And this dude that I just start seeing in different groups, like a few months ago is running his business on autopilot. Christa (06:18): Like I have to figure out what he's doing. And then somebody told me about your program. I already had a couple clients, but I was drowning in like fulfillment, onboarding all these different things. Again, I was in the same place I've been. So I was just like, if it's working for him, if he can take off to Vegas and not have to do all the work, whatever it is I'm in. And so as soon as I got in, I got my assistant and honestly, I didn't even like do the course and all the different videos and things. Cause I would just like give me an assistant. I needed her help with some things I'll go back and watch stuff later. And right off the bat, like she came trained she came trained for prospecting stuff and where I came in with her, like I needed help with some fulfillment sending forms and onboarding docs so quickly. Christa (07:04): I was just like, we'll get back to that. I don't have a prospecting issue. Right. This moment I have this backend issue. I was like, can you help with that? Like, are you able, like capable to do that? I don't really even know. And she was like, yeah, actually I can help with that. So I was like, sweet, let's do this. She helped get all that stuff in order. I was like, I need organizational stuff. Like even just organizing my emails and organizing different things in my day. Like I'm missing appointments and calls because I'm scatterbrained. Like, would you just set my schedule and remind me 30 minutes before something like not the stuff that she, she came trained for prospecting, but then like she was able to do all these other things. And I was like, that really helped. And then we came back around to the prospecting side and she was like, yeah, I can do this. Christa (07:51): Can do this. She started booking appointments. And like, not even like the first week or two that I had her back focusing on prospecting. I think I closed it like 5k trial because of someone she brought to me. And then I ended up getting another VA and putting her purely on prospecting. And then my first VA now just like kind of manages everything. And the second VA within her first week, she brought the number one solar sales guy in America to me hooked me up with one of the top solar sales companies. It didn't, it didn't work out because their business model, how they want to get leads was a bit different than what I do. But still like connecting me with the top companies in the country and giving me the ability to speak with them. Like, and they kind of fixed my process a bit. Christa (08:43): I was just going into like LinkedIn and typing in solar, like just searching solar and anyone and everyone I would talk to. And they quickly, within the first week were like, well, we're getting solar manufacturers, we're getting solar, like cleaners. We're getting all these different, like how about we niche it down for you in like LinkedIn? And we figure out like actual company and I'm like, sure, I'm busy with other things. I'm like still stressed with like all this other work I have to do. It's like, they just took it on themselves to go fix that process a little bit. And I was like, Whoa, like, you know, for paying someone $3 an hour, I was like, I'm giving them bonuses and extra, you know, dollars an hour or something just for like take initiative to do that. I was like, that's yeah. They've been very helpful. JR Rivas (09:31): Yeah. And I like, you came to us in a little bit of a different position, kind of like you mentioned than most people, like you came in and like, it was like a fire and your VA just like stepped into like a war zone and was just like Christa (09:45): Client after client, after client like referral and all these things at once. Like I just blew up from like, like chillin over the summer, trying to like figure things out to all of a sudden like nine clients and like two or three weeks or something like that. And I was like, ah, how do I onboard? How do I fulfill, how do I do all this stuff and continue to prospect? So that's where I came in kind of in like the back end where I feel like, yeah, most people are probably like, I need to prospects, need to, you know, get a client first. So I just like, again, like I said, my assistant was trained on the front end stuff. And when I threw her in, like I told her a couple of times, I'm like, I'll pay extra. Like, I feel bad that I'm just like throwing you in. Christa (10:26): And now she knows, like we do this like kind of funny thing each day, I'll be like, you want the good news and the bad news. And the first time I did it, she was like, Oh no. And I was like, well, the good news or the bad news is like every other solar company has to watch out. Cause we're going to be number one. The good news is like, you brought me the top guy in the country and she's like, Oh, like I still have a job. Okay. We're good. And like every day she's helping me put out fires and different things, but now she's at a place where she's like, yeah, I totally can roll with the punches with you now. Like things are slowing down or getting processes in order. And like, I'm making sure to do that, check in with her and say, is this too much? Is it okay? Can, can you handle this or different things? So like ish she's luckily the first one I got, I feel like she's a rock star and then I can help train the rest of the VA's and stuff. So, yeah. JR Rivas (11:21): So when you brought on a second VA, what was the training process for that one? Was it now the first one trained her or was it the videos train her? Did you like jump on zoom calls with her? Or how did that, how did that work? Christa (11:37): I'm trying to think real fast. I think I shared the videos with her again and then just told her to like ask the first VA if she had any questions and issues. And like, I still do. I do team calls each morning. If there's any specific issues or something, I'll just hop on a zoom call. Like I feel really big on like, I want to set these people up for the most success. Like it's weird. I guess I don't feel like the boss. That's like, you have to do this, you have to do this. Like if you don't do it right, I'm mad at you. Like, I feel the total opposite of like, I want to make sure you're set up for the most success. And if there's something wrong that you don't understand, that's my fault. So I need to figure out how to correct that and fix that. Christa (12:19): And then now since I've been in your inner circle program, you helped me get some sales guys. So like now I don't even have to hop on the discovery calls. So that's helpful. That makes me so happy. That's not my favorite part is the discovery sales stuff. So yeah, like I let the sales guys now take the discovery calls and then I'll hop on the actual sales calls with them just to like back them up and help answer questions. But yeah, from when I started feeling super overwhelmed, bringing on multiple clients my goal actually was my girlfriend and I had planned to drive her RV to Colorado this weekend, next weekend. This was like a month ago we planned this and my goal was to have everything mostly automated, not to where I could fully walk away for like two years. Christa (13:14): And the whole thing is running. So I don't think he probably could anyway, but to be able to step back and not feel like I have to be working my business all day long and just like enjoy a road trip, enjoy a weekend in Colorado. And while the road trip didn't work out, it was cool that I could fly out here and I'm in Colorado. And like, I'm actually right where I was talking about being saying, like with the process and being part of your program and everything. Like I can now step back a little bit. I can breathe. I don't work all day every day and it, and like some moments now you can go to the beach if I want, or I don't know, go for a drive in LA, just, just to get out of the house or something. Whereas a few weeks, few weeks ago, even I was still like, I can't leave the house. I have to work. I have to work. I have to work. Like I'm dreaming about this. I'm going crazy about this. So JR Rivas (14:07): What's your, what would you say is like your biggest advice for someone who is maybe on the fence about taking the leap and working with instant leverage and our team and our coaches and getting a VA from us and the full program and experience. Christa (14:25): Really, if anything, it's just believe in yourself. Like, I think probably the reason in the past I took other programs or did other things and they didn't have massive, massive success was like, I was still not sure. I was like, and it came from something with me. Like I could sit here and tell somebody like, this is amazing. This is great. This is real, like something special for me compared to other programs was like, you, I can't remember how we got to like the inner circle talk, but I was sitting there having like a one-on-one zoom call with you wasn't paying any extra or do anything. But like you took the time to like sit and just talk to me with like an issue or something I was having. Or like, maybe it was asking about like how my VA's had gone or something so far. Christa (15:10): And I was like, like the fact that this dude has a bunch of people in the program and it's like all this stuff happening I see in the Slack channel and everything. And like took the time to even just talk with me. And then whenever I told him, like I told you even more, some of my issues you were like, yeah, like we could like do one-on-one calls and stuff. So even take it further. And then since that's happened, like there's been some glitches and some like I've made some mistakes. Some of it is I haven't listened to you moments. You're telling me to do something. And I'm like, no, I know if I do this that'll work. And then I come back, I'm like, you're right. But like it's super red to like have the group. Yeah. And have all the, like the things happen in the conversation going, but like being part of your inner circle now, I'm like, I could just hit you up one-on-one and like, get direct, help. Christa (16:01): It's like that. Like, if somebody is interested in like going faster, farther, I've been trying to do this for two and a half years, I think now. And in two and a half years, no one has just said like, get a VA, I'll help you get a VA. And no one said like, I can help you get a salesperson. No one said like, here's how you create an SOP. People have taught me how to do Facebook ads and like the general gist of like, now you can do Facebook ads, go get a client and you're magically an agency owner. No. So like all the things that I don't know, like there's been way more in the last three months that I've been part of your program than I have had from other 5k programs and stuff. So like one, I can tell people, like I said, that this is real, but two, it's just going to be believe in yourself whenever you told me like what the price was. Christa (16:54): And I saw that Johnny Vose crushing it with it and stuff like I didn't hesitate. The only thing that made me hesitate on the price was simply that my bank account at the moment only lets me spin, like has a certain limit per day. So I went and got a second bank account so that I can hit the limit twice now. So like I'm running into like new problems of shoot. I'm spending too much in my bank account. So like whenever the price came up, I was like, yeah, let's do it. And then instantly I was like, can you run it one half with one card and one half with the other card? Like, that was the only thing that like stopped me for a second. But no, ever since joining, I was just like best decision. Cause I just knew like this was my time. Christa (17:37): If my friend could do it, I could definitely do it. And then kind of just taken off since. So don't join. If you're gonna try to complain if you want to whine, if you don't want to actually do the work. That something in the past that I had an issue with was like, I thought that being a digital marketing agency owner meant that I'd like magically start getting clients and take off to Bali and like live this. And I had a trip to Bali plan, like beginning of COVID. And I was like, like I'm doing it, but I was still failing. Like I still didn't have systems and processes. When I went, if I went to Bali, I was still going to have to work my tail off. So like it's not this magical thing of get a few clients and now you're making millions like join if you really want to put some effort in and like make it happen. And then Hey, you can make 50 grand, a hundred grand plus was following the processes and everyone in the group I'm seeing that actually puts the effort in is doing that. So JR Rivas (18:36): Yeah, one thing I tell everybody and I'll look at the camera for this one is do not join if you're not ready to do real actual work because we're here to guide you. But like you said, it's, it's not a magic pill. Like it does involve work. However, it's kind of like exercising. Like if you exercise and you have the right program and the right diet, you will get results way faster than if you exercise with the wrong program and the wrong diet. So join us with the right program in the right diet. So thank you so much for for coming on here and sharing your experience as an agency owner and just kind of sharing your journey with us. And I, I super look forward to doing a follow-up in the next few months and just seeing where you're at and the progress that you've made. Christa (19:23): Oh, it's going to be, it's going to be crazy. I mean, awesome. JR Rivas (19:27): So thank you again for coming on and coming out here in person, for sure. Christa (19:31): Thank you. This has been great.